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The Face of New York - the City as it was and as it is

Crown Publishers, Andreas Feininger, 1964

Revised Edition 1964 / 1st printing 1954
Text by Susan E. Lyman
31 x 23 cm, 161 Seiten mit zahlreichen s/w Fotos, englisch

New York City is big in every way: masses of buildings, multitudes of people, and an incredible amount of activity. Things here are counted not singly, but by hundreds and thousands. This bigness which might well, by its ponderousness, have a stifling effect on anything as small as the individual living here has, instead, the opposite effect. It produces vehement feeling. How often do you hear the remarks, “I wouldn’t live in New York if you gave it to me,” and conversely, “I wouldn’t live anywhere else.” How rarely you hear a middle-of-the-road, unemotional comment. Everyone has convictions about New York.

Here, then, is the New York of Andreas Feininger, the convictions of a great photographer. For years he has explored the city, searching with his camera for the facets that to him mean New York and, through the medium of his extraordinary photography, capturing these to produce the face of his New York.

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